Ikebana using purple stock and branches in two white vases expressing mass and line



ikebana artist and teacher

“I love nothing more than the sense of FULFILLMENT and contentment that my connection with Ikebana gives”



“Through Ikebana, you will be able to express yourself, establish your personal style, connect with your sense of beauty and show your artistic intention.”

いけばな 生け花

IKEBANA /ìːkeɪbɑ́ːnə/ [noun]

Ikebana is the art of Japanese floral arrangement. Ikebana literally means "living flowers", from IKERU "keep alive" + HANA "flower".

Line, Colour and Mass are the most important elements of Ikebana. Looking at the materials you are working with carefully, finding out their attractiveness from the viewpoint of these three elements and creating new beauty is what Ikebana is all about.

What you create and express in Ikebana becomes your own true reflection.

Ikebana with ring shaped vase filled with ranunculus and hellebores expressing curved line
Ikebana installation using a blue cube vase with a red and white flowers expressing straight line







田澤 桐香


Ikebana using a black U shaped vase with green hydrangea and purple veronica expressing mass

Theme: Massed Expression

Materials: Hydrangea x Veronica

Ikebana using a curled tube shaped vase with white iris and branches expressing movement

Theme: Shape of the Container

Materials: Wild Iris

Christmas Ikebana with rose hip and pom pom mums chrysanthemum in Japanese red lacquered container

Theme: Ikebana for Christmas

Materials: Pom Pom Mums x Wild Rose HIp



Ikebana teacher and artist Toko Tazawa

Growing up, I used to see my mother arranging branches and flowers she picked from the garden in our family home. She rarely made a showy arrangements using a wide range of materials, but rather made simple, clean and calm arrangements, carefully utilising a few materials that had caught her eye at that moment. Although she would laugh that she never had formal training in Ikebana,

I was always fascinated by how she was able to grasp the beauty of the individual flora and arrange them so that their beauty was most apparent and fully appreciated. “Take a good look at your branches and flowers, and they will tell you how they want you to arrange them” she’d say. I remember staring at the branches and flowers, waiting for them to talk to me. Of course this never happened in a literal sense but I’ll be forever thankful to my mother for teaching me the importance of capturing the unique beauty in nature by closely examining it, and for giving me the opportunity to play with the materials to my heart’s content.

I started formally studying Ikebana in 2000 and have been taught by multiple Master Instructors in 4 different countries. I myself started teaching in 2013 in Hong Kong, and have continued teaching since moving to Melbourne in 2016, providing certificate courses as well as introductory classes as an accredited teacher of The Sogetsu School of Ikebana. I have been a facilitator organizing Ikebana as an activity at various events including team building, birthday parties and wedding parties.

As an artist, I have participated in Ikebana exhibitions in various cities including London, Hong Kong and Melbourne. I have created Ikebana installations for films and commercials, as well as supplied Ikebana installations for events at both corporate and private settings. I have been a guest speaker and a demonstrator at universities, high schools and Japanese language schools to promote the art of Ikebana. I also create Ikebana as gifts, which can be either tailored to the client’s preference, or as “o-ma-ka-se” (my choice).

It is my absolute joy to introduce this beautiful art of Ikebana, and to continue to educate others as well as myself.

Ikebana with purple vase and purple flower expressing same tonal colour scheme

Installation Service

A bespoke Ikebana installation service at various venues in Melbourne and throughout Australia is available which can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preference.

Ikebana installations are created on-site at venues and for occassions including:

  • restaurants, bars and cafes
  • hotel lobbies, receptions and rooms
  • offices and corporate events
  • hospitals and clinics
  • studios and production sets
  • parties and functions
  • your home

Introductory Classes

Introductory Ikebana classes are offered throughout the year.

All the materials and tools including the floral materials, Ikebana vase and a Kenzan will be provided for you. Secateurs will also be provided for use during the class, so you will not have to bring anything other than yourself.

It is a perfect opportunity if you wish to have a taste of Ikebana arrangement, or to give as a gift to someone special.

introductory Ikebana class for a group of people
a group of people working on a Ikebana project in a room

Regular Classes

Formal Ikebana classes are offered to learn the theory and skills of Sogetsu Ikebana.

As a qualified teacher, I run certificate courses following the Sogetsu School of Ikebana textbooks. These courses cover all the necessary basics for beginners to acquire skills through actual interaction with flora and by deepening your understanding of plant materials.

I will guide you through the simple, yet elegant art of Japanese floral arrangement to help you pursue your creativity.

Testimonials - classes

  • "My friends and I partook in a class with Toko and were extremely pleased with her teaching, the beautiful materials she provided and the overall atmosphere of the lesson. Thank you to Toko for sharing her experience with us and giving us this opportunity to learn about the tranquil and artistic nature of ikebana. It was incredibly worthwhile" (SY)

  • “線と塊、花の向きや枝の高低などを意識してメリハリをつけて表現する、などの先生の的確なご指導で、生け花の楽しみが大きく広がりました。さまざまな人種、文化が交錯するメルボルンで、時に日本ではあまり見ないような大ぶりの花や葉ものを使いながら日本の伝統である生け花を学べることは、とても貴重な経験です” (SK)

  • " What a joy it is to learn this beautiful craft from such an inspirational and patient teacher like Toko. Ever since discovering Toko's Ikebana classes, I find myself always looking forward to the next class. Ikebana just has that ability to instantly transport me to that happy place where I know I can just have fun whilst exploring my creativity" (JW)
Miniature Ikebana in a green glass vase filled with purple Aquilegia Granny's Bonnets and Pieris japonica Andromeda
Ikebana in a white vase with colorful autumn leaves

Testimonials - installation

  • “Thank you to Toko for the original & architectural flower arrangements for my party. I wanted something out of the ordinary and you delivered beyond my expectations.” (ZC)

  • “It is eye opening to see what Toko can create, which is truly an art piece." (NM)

  • "Toko provided us with a wonderful arrangement in keeping with our Japanese themed post-wedding party festivities. She did this based on a remote brief we provided her from Queensland. As she did her work on site, her ability to capture the right mood and to use the venue and setting to best advantage were obvious. Her piece was a highlight for us and for our guests to enjoy." (MM & JF)



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Ikebana with a green bamboo like vase with Japanese maple representing Japan